4 comments on “நவம்பர் 2010

  1. urge people of our community to vote only for the party which nominates our people in general constituency

  2. I feel very much thankfull for posting my comments as you had felt it was valid and required to be discussed now, since gelection for tn assembly is coming in short period. It is my duty to educate my people(relatives) to whom they should vote and select as their rulers. Our representation in assembly with respect to our population is very minimum. Now take the case of theni dist in which strength of devendrakula vellalar is more than any other single community but all assy seats are general in this dist devendrakula vellalars are not represented from this district to the assembly.No major parties are fielding our people for general constituency even if our population is greater than anybody else.It is a matter of serious concern to discuss and decide and publicise the matter and make the major parties to think about us.

    come on devendrars wake up.

  3. Dear Editor,
    It gives me great surprise to see the faded glory of the Mallar people, who were the cheiftains,Kings and agriculturists Land Lords, right from the sangam age till 15th century. In the 18 and 19th century, the conditions of the people were not much different from those of the other backward communities.But during the post independent era, these people who were characterised by their valour and hard work have been categorised along with the Paraiyars and the non tamil Sakkiliars, who were having a totally different history,customs and practices. But unfortunately, due to this link, the Mallar people were also considered to be one among the uncivilised and downtrodden people with worst behaviour. Even though the people have a definite, true and proud history in the Tamil homeland before 15th century , now, they are considered to be downtrodden. These people should have regained their glorious past once the country had obtained freedom. This has not happened till 2011 and these people have come to a wrong conclusion that they also belong to downtrodden group. This is mainly due to the lack of proper leadership and unity among the people. Few points that may help to regain the faded glory.

    1. THese people should come out of SC/ST list. Since the list in todays conditions is used to represent people of unhealthy and derogatory origin.

    2. People of the status what they claim they were, cannot still say that they themselves are downtrotten an belong to SC list.

    3. The word Harijan used by Gandhi to represent these people in good sense as ” Sons of GOD” has become a filthy word.

    4.Similarly,today, the word SC : denotes a person or people who do meanial job like scavenging and cleaning etc

    5. Any learned person will never be able to accept the fact the people of such high esteem till 15 th century , have become untouchables, in their own homeland.

    6. The growth of this community has only been due to the hard work of individual personalities and not due to the collective bargaining.

    7. As othere communities have been able to show their total mass strength under one leader to get all benifits from the rulers, this people also should do.

    8. There is no overall mass benifit due to reservation, as it has not been properly implemented in the past and will not be implemented in future, as long as there is no solid representation for this group in the government machinery.

    9. We have seen that the ten years reservation of MBC category has been fully implemented and utilised, whereas 50 years of reservation has not brought the required changes.
    10. We have to live as per todays conditions. Our leaders are arragont and useless in the sense that the dont belive that unitedly they can get the benifits for our people. They join different parties and split the votes. Since this concept is well known, all leading parties ignore these people and their leaders. Hence no mass benefit, only small benefit for the leaders alone.

    Unless, the people belive themselves and come up, there is no chance for any bright future for these people. In future pariayar and Non tamil Sakiliar may say that they are the Moovenders and we may have to accept it, as long as we dont have a strong political power and influence in the ruling government.

    Yours friendly
    M.Madhavan, Dubai

  4. let us vote for ourselves. we have voted for the full life for other people. please urge our people to vote for devendrakula vellalar candidates even if they are contesting as independents. if we are getting our votes that is also our victory. definitely the major political parties will look in to our strength. to prove our strength it is the golden opportunity. in virudhunagar mp constituency single majority community is devendrakula vellalar ie 12% where as the person selected as mp are from 08% or less. nadar 08%, mr 08%, naidu 07% and so on,

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